In The Beginning

After 6 months of building upgrades and renovations, 3 Blow Molding lines were installed and production begins.


A New Age

Business continues to grow and 4 more Blow Molding lines are installed and put into production. Diamond Drinks is born and the 1stĀ filling line is purchased, installed and put into production.


Cumulative Progress

Both business` continue to expand. Suscon installs 3 more Blow Molding lines to manufacture bottles supporting rapid Diamond Drinks growth.


A New Era

Suscon adds 2 more blow mold lines as business grows. Employee growth is quickly rising and company expands greatly.


Present Day Diamond Drinks

Present Day Diamond Drinks

Suscon enters PET Bottling manufacturing in PA & FL to support Diamond Drinks. Diamond Drinks expands into Florida. A facility is purchased, renovated and production begins with two fully automated bottle production and filling lines in Vero Beach, Florida.

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